Interactive Storybooks


Reading with your child is a wonderful experience. Adding math comments and questions to your reading helps your child grow mathematically, and creates strong associations of math with this happy, cozy experience. These storybooks have ideas added in the margins to mention or discuss with your child as you read.

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Pointing, Naming, Describing, and Asking. Start reading around 6 months. Point at things being named, described or asked about. Your child may not understand your words, but don’t let that stop you — your child is accumulating experiences and will eventually understand. Constantly count objects and describe colors, shapes, and relationships.

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Beginning Verbal

Your child is starting to talk and interact with you verbally, and this will give you some simple back and forth discussions. The math includes very simple addition and subtraction ideas along with counting of small numbers.

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Beginning Story Lines

These storybooks are still quite simple; however, they start having story lines that are a little more complex. The math involves counting, adding, subtracting, skip counting, and some more detailed discussions of shapes.

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Story Lines

The story lines are getting ever more detailed and complex. The math involves larger numbers and the description of objects is getting more detailed and involved.

Earliest Storybooks — Preverbal

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A Very Tall Man

A very tall man adapts to his unusual length.

Animals Run Away

Four animals run away and make a home together.

Can We Count Our Cats

A boy with a lot of cats.

Cat and Dog: Dog is Cold

Dog gets cold - Cat tries to warm Dog up.

Cat and Dog and the Ball

Cat and Dog play catch with a ball.

Cat and Dog and the Butterfly

Cat and Dog chase a butterfly.

Cat and Dog and the Egg

Cat and Dog find a home for an egg.

Clever Cat

The clever cat stays home.

Colours of a Rainbow

A girl explores 7 colors of the rainbow.

Counting Animals

Count the animals at a watering hole.


Fana Loves Animals

Fana helps all animals.


A short story about different feelings.


Five friends play games together.

Look at the Animals

The animals on a farm get hungry.

My School Clothes

A girl searches for clothes that fit.

Pendo, Our Cow

A story of a boy and his cow.

The Adventures of Supercow

A cow who is a superhero by night.

The Moon and the Cap

A boy, a cap, and the moon.

Where is Lulu?

Lulu loves books!

Where is My Cat?

A boy searches for his cat.

Storybooks — Beginning Verbal

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Akadeli’s Lucky Day

Things sometimes turn out fine in the end.

Amazing Daisy

Following a dream.

Creature with Two

Learning to accept differences.

Curious Baby Elephant

How the elephant got its trunk.


Visit the world of drums.

Fati and the Green Snake

Learning to follow a warning.

Flower Blind

A blind girl falls and bumps her head.

How Many?

A story with lots of things to count.


How the Toad got its Skin

A story explains why toads have bumpy skin.

I Love Forests

A story about a national forest in Africa.

Is There Someone Like Me?

An animal searches for an exact match.

Listen to My Body

A girl on holiday listens to the sounds of her body.

Palm Tree

A story of the many uses of the palm tree.

The Day the Sun Went Away

The Sun visits Moon and many things change.

Visiting Grandmother

Two children go on holiday to visit their grandmother.

Where is My Bat?

A boy searches everywhere for his cricket bat.

Storybooks — Beginning Story Lines

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A Dancer’s Tale

The story of the ballerina Phyllis Spira.

A Fish and a Gift

A fisherman brings home a gift for his son.

Aku the Sun Maker

A girl with long legs brings back the sun.

Cassava and Palm

A story about two important plants.

Cat and Dog Draw and Colour

Cat and Dog make drawings of each other.

Different Abilities

People with different skills.

Father’s Advice

A father’s advice about creating a home


Horses of Debre Birhan

Mistreated horses make a stand.

Hyena and Tortoise

Hyena and Tortoise look for honey together.

Little Jojo’s Long Tall Tale

Little Jojo goes on a long search.

Lory Dory

An invisible girl makes herself visible.

Maguru gives legs

Why do some animals have more legs than others.

Sun, Moon, and Water

How did the sun and moon end up in the sky.

Tortoise Finds his House

Tortoise goes on a search for his house.

Storybooks — Story Lines

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Akai’s Special Mat

Akai has a special beautiful mat that keeps her safe.

Emeka and the Old Man

Emeka does a good deed for a person in need.

Father, Son, and Donkey

A father and son find their way on a difficult road.

Keeper and his Nursery

A story about caring for orphaned animals.

Magical Rainbow River

How rainbows came to be in the sky.

Sakima’s Song

Sakima was a blind boy who could make people happy.


Searching for the Spirit of Spring

A child helps her village remember how to celebrate.

Share it Fair!

Three friends figure out how to share a cake.

Singing the Truth

The story of the singer Miriam Makeba.

Sizwe’s Smile

A smile spreads happiness on a gloomy day.

The Smell Thief

A baker discovers justice.

Who Can Count to Ten?

King Leopard searches for a successor.